Nederlands Camerata

Met ingang van seizoen 2015-2016 zal ik als eerste harpiste verbonden zijn aan het Nederlands Camerata.

“The Netherlands Camerata (NedCam) is an orchestra still being created. Many might think “is there space for one more orchestra in The Netherlands during the Age of Crisis, where other orchestras are closing or merge together?” The answer is positive, if this orchestra has to present something new and innovative in the musical world of a cultural metropolis like Amsterdam and more general in the province of Noord Holland and in the whole country, even on international level. The answer is positive when musicians and public believe that pure Art is affirmation primarily and not constant refusal with prevarication’s excuses, irrelevant to true music and to the nature of true musicians. During financially difficult times the orchestra has to find its way in the professional world. History has shown that the most important music ensembles have been created within minimal conditions and circumstances of artistic survival. It will be tough but a nice way to go. Sure worth all of it!”

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